Ep. 53: Pathways to Hope

Marc is joined by Cathleen Beachboard, educator, author, and missionary of hope. Cathleen shares the importance of building hope in our students and ourselves. She also provides strategies to measure hope and teaches the pathways that help it blossom. 

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Guest: Cathleen Beachboard

Website: The School of Hope


Ep. 42: Cultivating Kindness

Recorded at VSTE19 in Roanoke, Virginia.

Marc is joined by author and educator, Tamara Letter. They discuss Tamara’s book, “A Passion for Kindness: Making the World a Better Place to Lead, Love and Learn” and how small, selfless acts can make all the difference.

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Show Notes:

Tamara Letter on Twitter: @tamaraletter

Tamara’s website

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work on shaping water with words

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